Through a strong investment cycle in recent years, the company EKO papir renewed its entire machinery in its two key manufacturing programmes. This way, we can provide our buyers with world-class quality of products. New machinery also has a higher level of productivity and fewer malfunctions, so excellent prices can be achieved and high-quality services can be provided, while keeping deadlines at the same time.

For bags with handles, machinery made by the Japanese manufacturer NLI is used, and most machines are 2 years old or younger. Our capacities are constantly increasing and are currently at about 200 million bags per year.

For flat bottom bags, we use machinery made by the Turkish manufacturer Somtas. After the fire in 2019, virtually all machines used are one year old or younger. Our annual capacity is at about 500 million bags.

We also provide other programmes to your buyers, which you can see here (link to 7). Out total annual capacity is at about 800 million bags, and this amount will presumably exceed one billion in the next few years. Despite the rapid growth of our production capacities, we are trying to keep up with the high level of manufacturing adaptability in order to meet the demands of major and minor buyers as much as possible.

First-class raw materials

The materials from selected, high-quality suppliers, who have become long-term partners on the basis of our cooperation, are used in manufacturing. A small number of reliable suppliers are used for every type of paper, so that we can provide our buyers with a good price and excellent quality. Paper from verified sources is used in manufacturing, and this is guaranteed by way of certificates. We hold all certificates necessary for the safe packaging of products that have been in contact with food products, for all types of paper used.

Printing is performed with water-based ink, due to which the safety of products used together with food products is guaranteed. Due to the high-quality of ink and computer-generated mixtures, we can provide our buyers with the full range of colours through which we guarantee the quality and precise range of colours selected by the buyer.

With adhesives, we pay particular attention to their quality and safety in use. We only use verified adhesives with certificates, which are approved for use in the food industry.


We provide printing services using machinery made by renowned machine manufacturers, such as Uteco and W&H. We provide our buyers with printing with up to 6 colours using flexographic technology. In order to ensure precision while printing, we use a machine for installing stereotypes. A printing stereotype plate is prepared using the CTP process (Computer-to-Plate) – the resolution is 30 lines per cm for bags with handles and 22 lines per cm for flat bottom bags. When printing, water-based ink is always used, as it is not toxic and harmful to health, and it ensures safety when using food products. An automatic computer mixture of colours is used to ensure compliance of the colours used with the Pantone and RAL colour scales. By constantly supervising manufacturing, we are trying to improve printing quality every day.  Every print is inspected visually or by way of a spectrophotometer, so that consistent quality of the prints could be ensured.


When delivering the products to our buyers, we work together with local and regional logistics partners. Smaller parcels are also delivered using our own delivery vehicles. Our long-term cooperation with our partners serves as a guarantee that we can provide buyers throughout Europe with a timely, quick, and high-quality delivery of our products.