Flat bottom bags

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Flat bottom bags are manufactured using practically new machinery made by the Turkish manufacturer Somtas (read more). Our annual capacity is at about 500 million bags.

This type of bags is mainly intended for groceries: baked goods, hamburgers, hot dogs, as well as other products, such as candy, gifts, jewellery, as well as metal haberdashery.

We provide our buyers with multiple options for products with flexographic prints with up to 6 colours, with a maximum of 22 lines per cm:

  • with or without a fold,
  • with or without a window,
  • with adhesive foil,
  • with a die cut handle

We defined particular standard dimensions, which can, however, be easily adjusted to your wishes and needs. We can provide you with various bag dimensions. Possible heights range from a minimum of 9 cm to a maximum of 75 cm; with bags with a window, these heights range from 16 cm to 75 cm. The width of the window is arbitrary, made from BOPP or PLA foil as well as glassine. Its position can be in the middle or on the side.
With die cut bags, the following dimensions are available for our buyers:

  • 14+5×30 cm (reinforcement only on one side of the handle)
  • 18+6×36 cm (reinforcement only on one side of the handle)
  • 22+7×36 cm (reinforcement on both sides of the handle)
  • 26+7×40 cm (reinforcement on both sides of the handle)
  • The minimum order quantity is 30,000 pcs.
  • The minimum quantity for die cut bags is 50,000 pcs.